B2C Audio/Radio Scripts

Turn to Blue Cloak Editorial if you need a 15- or 30-second radio or podcast script written or edited.

Below is a sampling of scripts we’ve created:

Vehicle servicing (general audiences)
MUSIC BED: (Flirty music)
VOICE DIRECTION: (Female, flirty)
VOICEOVER (FEMALE): He’s hands-on. He knows how to use oil. He’s smooth. What does that sound like to you?
MUSIC BED: (Hard rock)
VOICE DIRECTION: (Male, forties, upbeat)
VOICEOVER (MALE): It sounds like your car just visited [client name]. We’re your dealer alternative and an authorized Hercules Tire distributor servicing all makes and models. Mention this ad and get half off your next oil change. Visit [client name] at [client address]. That’s [client address]. We’re online at [client website].

Dental practice (audience: working mothers)
VOICE DIRECTION: (Female, forties, funny, upbeat)
VOICEOVER (FEMALE): Santa Claus wants a kiss! Do your teeth look naughty…
VOICE DIRECTION: (Wife, forties, mildly alarmed)
WIFE: Ooh!
VOICE DIRECTION: (Female, forties, funny, upbeat)
VOICEOVER (FEMALE): …Or nice? Treat yourself to a brighter smile from [client name]. They offer general, cosmetic, restorative, and orthodontic dentistry. And their brand-new office was the first in the country to use the [name of microbe shield], an innovative barrier for a safer visit. All new patients receive free teeth whitening for life. Offer ends December thirty-first. For more information, visit [client website]. That’s [client website]!

Home care products (audience: women)
VOICE DIRECTION: (Female, forties, upbeat, playful)
VOICEOVER (FEMALE): Are you ready to sweep away that lockdown dust? Let [client name] sweep you off your feet! Receive one hundred dollars off any [brand] home care vacuum with a trade-in. Thinking about holiday cooking? Pay us a visit. We can help you spruce up your kitchen! And don’t forget to register with us. You might just win tickets to see [artist] at [place name] on [date]! [Client name] is located at [address] in [city]. [Client name]. [Client slogan].

Germ shield fabricator (audience: business owners in the American South)
SOUND EFFECT: (Knocking on door)
VOICE DIRECTION: (Harsh, drawn-out, spooky)
SCARY VOICE: Knock, knock!
VOICE DIRECTION: (Regular adult voice, light Southern accent)
REGULAR VOICE: Who’s there?
VOICE DIRECTION: (Harsh, drawn-out, spooky)
SCARY VOICE: Colds. Flu. CO-VID Nineteen!
VOICE DIRECTION: (Announcer, forties, upbeat, light Southern accent)
ANNOUNCER: All kinds of germs come knocking on your door. Don’t let them in! Protect your business with a quarter-inch plexiglass germ shield from [client name]. No construction or hardware needed. The shield is movable and customizable! Call [client name] at [client telephone number]. That’s [client telephone number]. Or visit [client] at [client website].

Nonprofit foundation (audience: Special Operations veterans)
MUSIC BED: (Sober, thoughtful acoustic guitar music)
VOICE DIRECTION: (Male, forties, serious)
VOICEOVER (MALE): U-S Special Operations Forces personnel seeking work in the private sector face challenges that not even their brothers and sisters in arms can fully understand. [Client name] has developed a curriculum to help these heroes navigate their career transition. And we need your help to support them as they embark on their next journey. Please help [client name] by donating at [client website]. That’s [client website]. Or text [keyword] to [client name]. [Client name]. [Client slogan].

Winery and resort (affluent audiences)
VOICE DIRECTION: (Female, serious, sophisticated)
TESTIMONIAL: Enjoy the finest in contemporary luxury with [client name]. This premier resort features elevated dining and wine tasting experiences along with an inn, a health spa, and golf, tennis, and equestrian facilities on thirty-five hundred lush acres north of [city]. Health and safety protocols are in place following a twenty-five-million-dollar renovation. For more information about amenities and holiday packages, please visit [client website]. That’s [client website]. Discover [client name].

Medical/wellness center (general audiences)
VOICE DIRECTION: (Female, forties, upbeat)
VOICEOVER (FEMALE): The holidays are almost here! Do you dread having to turn down your grandmother’s cheese straws because you’re afraid of gaining weight? [Client name] has an answer. We can help you lose weight, feel better—and save room for those cheese straws! To schedule a consultation about weight loss and testosterone therapy treatments, please call [client phone number]. That’s [client phone number]. Or visit [client website]. [Client name]. [Client slogan].

Department store based in the American South (general audiences)
VOICE DIRECTION: (Female, forties, light Southern accent, upbeat)
VOICEOVER (FEMALE): Do you dread running all over town just to shop? Come see us at [client name] instead! We’re starting our holiday sales early, and we have something for everyone. And same-day delivery, too! We have new CO-VID measures in place, including contactless curbside pickup at your nearest [client name] location, because your safety is our highest priority. Visit [client website]—that’s [client website]—for some honest-to-goodness Southern hospitality. Enter the code [keyword] to enjoy an extra ten percent off your order. [Client name]. [Client slogan].

*Although I wrote these audio/radio scripts, they are the property of Write Label and its clients; I redacted the client and product identifiers for legal reasons per agency policy. As a WL freelance writer, I’m a paid contributor of creative copy for a variety of clients, including brands, media companies, agencies, and individuals.